One HP Compound Steam Engine - Patterns

Patterns and Castings

Over the winter of 2008, I created the patterns for what I will call the Dunlop 1.375 X 2.5 X 1.75. The high pressure (HP) cylinder has a 1.375" bore with a stroke of 1.75". The low pressure (LP) cylinder has a 2.5" bore with a stroke of 1.75". The LP cylinder uses a "D" valve while the HP cylinder uses a piston valve.

There are 22 cast iron casting making up the engine.

1.HP Cylinder
2.LP Cylinder
3.HP Standard
4.LP Standard
6.Base Bearing Cap1
7.Base Bearing Cap2
8.Base Bearing Cap3
10.LP Valve Seat
11.LP Steam Chest
12.LP Steam Chest Cover
13.LP Cylinder Cover Top
14.LP Cylinder Cover Bottom
15.HP Cylinder Cover Top
16.HP Cylinder Cover Bottom
17.HP Piston Valve Cylinder
18.LP Piston Valve Cylinder Cover Top
19.LP Piston Valve Cylinder Cover Bottom
20.LP Piston Valve Cylinder Exhaust Port
21.HP Piston Valve
22.LP D Valve

Casting and patterns are seen in the following nine pictures.

Cylinders (1/11/2008)
Standard (1/11/2008)

Base Bottom (2/23/2008)
Base Top (2/23/2008)
Bearing caps (2/23/2008)

Flywheel Side (2/23/2008)
Flywheel Edge (2/23/2008)

LP Valve Seat, Steam Chest, and Covers (with Cylinders) (3/18/2008)
Piston Valve Assembly + LP Valve (3/18/2008)

Next the castings are machined. Machining

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