Wood Drops

We spent a grueling day driving from Troy to Rochester, dropping off wood at six different locations.

We started with our van full of wood and dropped loads at Lock 9 (Rotterdam Junction), Lock 17 (Little Falls), and Lock 22 (near New London). We had arranged to pick up another load of firewood at Black Creek Lumber in Fulton. Although the wood that had been split was nice and dry, it was too large to work well in the boiler. The foreman shut down the mill and had everybody (all four people) split some more wood for us. The newly split wood was a better size, but it was also wetter. We loaded our van once more and dropped wood at Canalview Marina (Fulton), Lock 24 (Baldwinsville), and Millerís Marine (Lyons).

For the shuttle the next day, we rented a car in Rochester. I drove the rental car to Troy while Al drove the van and boat trailer. We both returned to Rochester in the rental car.
There was construction near Lock 9. A crane operator watches Al unload wood.
At Lock 17, it was tricky backing the trailer around.
The firewood we had ordered at the lumberyard was split too large for the boiler.
Unloading near an ancient boat and Daveís steamboat at Miller's Marine in Lyons.

Because the lumberyard wood was wet, we called our friends Gary and Betsy in Rochester and asked them if they would bring us some dry wood. They arrived after our shuttle with some nice dry slab wood that we really appreciated.
We burned just under a bushel of wood an hour. Over the course of our three hundred mile voyage, we burned about three and a half face cords of wood.

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