Frequently Asked Questions

How much does that engine weigh? (referring to the boiler)
The boiler weighs about 500 pounds. The engine weighs a little under a hundred pounds. The entire boat, including the engine and boiler, weighs a little under 2000 pounds.

How much wood does it take to run that?
About a bushel an hour. We typically go about five knots.

How fast does it go?
About six knots maximum.

What does it run on?
Wood, usually. Sometimes we add some coal.

Is that the African Queen?
No, itís the Aurora Borealis.

How old is it?
It first went into the water in 1997. Itís not finished, yet.

Did you build it yourself?
Yes, the steam engine is a Semple engine. Al got the castings and did the machining. He designed the boiler and made it. He designed the boat and made it. Although it looks like a turn-of-the-century craft, it is not a copy of anything.

Is that a converted sailboat hull?

Do you cook on it?
Sometimes. (See food.)

Where did you start out?
Just west of Rochester. We are going from Rochester to Troy, approximately 300 miles.

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