Al's Steamboat as of late March, 1997
The hull was build in the garage over a period of 8 months. I set up the strongback on wheels to allow adjustment in its position since it is a tight fit in the garage. I used 7/8 inch white cedar for the siding. The cedar strips are held on the stations with 2 inch sheetrock screws. The sheetrock screws are removed before sanding. Just after the first set of pictures, I began to edge nail the siding with 2 inch Si-Bronze ring nails.
Boat in March, 1997
Upside Down Siding Siding
Laminating Fantail Band
Siding 50% on
Stern 50% siding
Deadwood Clamps Engine Left Side Engine Right Side
Semple Engine 3"X4" (left side)
Semple Engine 3"X4" (right side)