Boat Pictures
These are pictures of my boat in July, August, and the first half of September, 1997. I was able to get it ready enough to take to Lee's Mill Steamboat Meet. Unfortunately, my camera did not advance the film so many pictures were lost. Some pictures were taken by others (thanks). I went to Lee's Mill with a boiler that had been hydro tested, but had never had a fire in it. The engine had been run on compressed air but not steam. Fortunately, they both worked well. Check valves in the pumps gave me the most problems. I was able to steam about 40 miles during the week.
Boat in July, August, and September, 1997
Add Stringers Install Drain Add Boiler Relax
Mounting the Stringers
Drain installed at rear of deadwood
Boiler in boat
Relaxing by the boat
Add Rudder + Propeller Temporary Gunnel Add Engine Boat Created
Rudder and propeller installed
Installing temporary gunnel (which lasted two years)
Engine and hand pumps
Boat picture