Alfred E. Dunlop -- Candidate: IEEE Division 1 Director

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If elected to the position of IEEE Division I Director, I will continue to build connectivity between those in academia and industry. As Director, I will work to improve member services while keeping costs under control. The current conferences, journals and Xplore activities are excellent assets, but more can be done to make it easier to access and use the technical information. As energy prices go up and travel becomes more difficult, conferences may become inefficient. We need to creatively find low environmental impact ways for the technical community to interact and form interest groups. These same efforts will help IEEE advance interactions across our world wide technical community. Furthermore, systems designs which had been principally electrical or electro-mechanical in nature are becoming more multi-disciplinary including nano-, bio-, chemical-, and power- technologies among others. We should foster ways to help connect to these broader technical communities.


Alfred E. Dunlop


Dr. Dunlop received his BEE from the University of Delaware, MSEE and PhD from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1975, 1977 and 1979 respectively. He holds 14 patents in the areas of circuit design, system initialization and algorithms.

Since 2001, he has been president of Crossbow Consulting, LLC where he has worked for clients on topics including circuit design, system architecture, system startup and Electronic Design Automation (EDA).

He was founder and VP of Engineering at an EDA startup 2002-2003.

Dr. Dunlop worked at Bell Laboratories where he held research and development positions. He was responsible for the IC layout tools in the mid 1980s. He later built clock recovery circuits for packet systems. In research, he held the position of Director of Design Principles Research and later Director of Optical Data Systems Research before retiring in 2001.




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Dr. Dunlop has 14 patents and has published several dozen conference and journal papers.


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